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API References


This documentation is work in progress and subject to change. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us via Support.

This subsection contains the API references for the embedded API. There are several generic rules that apply to all API endpoints written on these pages.

Request Headers

Request header that should be send with every request.

AuthorizationstringBearer token. (See: Authentication)
Idempotency-Keystring?Unique identifier for the request (See: Request Idempotency)

Response Headers

Response header that will be returned with every response.

X-Zetl-Request-IdstringUnique identifier of the response that can be used for troubleshooting purpose (Assigned by Zetl).
Idempotency-Keystring?Unique identifier of the request sent (Present if request was made with 'Idempotency-Key' header). (See: Request Idempotency)
Idempotent-Replayedboolean?Indicates whether the request was replayed. Present if request was made with 'Idempotency-Key' header, and server return a previously executed response. (See: Request Idempotency)
Replayed-Fromstring?Identifier value of the original response that's being used to perform idempotency request resolution. (See: Request Idempotency